Acne Therapy

Acne Therapy in Springfield

Advanced Acne Therapy.

Aesthetic Med Studio utilizes a variety of therapies to treat active acne, including light systems, lasers, chemical peels, extractions, and home care products.

One of the advantages of our acne treatments is that they do not utilize any drugs, eliminating the addition of any medication into the bloodstream. We pride ourselves in being able to offer several different options because skin is not one size fits all. Upon a consultation, one of our skincare professionals will design a customized program to best meet your condition and treat your active acne.

The Procedure


What it treats

Active acne on the face and body

Procedure Time

15-60 minutes

What is involved in our Advanced Acne Therapy treatments?

Aesthetic Med Studio utilizes a variety of proven treatments that can dramatically improve the appearance of acne. These treatments can include LED therapy, laser therapy, chemical peels, extractions, advanced facial options and home skincare.

Recovery Time & Side Effects

Our Advanced Acne Therapy treatments are completely non-invasive, with little to no downtime or irritation.


After a series of customized treatments, you can expect a significant clearing of active acne.

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