Dermal Fillers


Cheek and Midface Enhancement in Springfield

Cheek Enhancement.

Add contour to the structure of your face.

People typically think of Dermal Fillers as ‘anti-aging’ and even though that is correct, it is really only part of the story. Dermal Fillers are designed to provide volume where you have ‘lost it’ due to age, or ‘never had it’ due to genetics. Dermal Fillers in the Cheeks/Midface are wonderful options to add contour to the structure of your face or to rejuvenate what you have lost over the years

The Procedure


What it treats

Hollowing Cheeks
Nasolabial Folds
Lack of natural Cheek Contour
Providing a ‘lift’ to the midface

Signature Mapping Technique

Our Master Injector may map your cheeks and midface in order to ensure precise injections to contour to perfection. People get their cheeks and midface enhanced for many different reasons. Results can be subtle, or dramatic. We are artists and will be able to create symmetry and balance for a natural looking result.

Procedure Time

20 - 30 minutes


Most clients who receive dermal fillers in their cheeks/midface will notice their results immediately following injection. Every product (listed below) is going to have a different lasting effect. Often, the more you keep up with doing your dermal fillers the longer they will last. Age does tend to play a role and everyone may be a little bit different with the cheek/midface but fillers in this area tend to last 8-10 months.


This treatment is very low on downtime. You may have the possibility of bruising and swelling for a couple of days. In most cases people do not bruise with this treatment. If you are on a blood thinner or are typically a ‘bruiser’ you will be at an increased risk of bruising. Both (bruising and swelling) can be considered normal and will not augment your results. Please do not schedule appointments for dermal fillers if you have a big event (wedding, photos, dates, etc.) within 5 - 7 days of your appointment. You may not be ‘picture perfect’ during this time period.

Product Choices Available for Cheeks/Midface

When you come in for your appointment we will help you choose the best direction for you when it comes to product choice. We always have every product in stock.

Juvederm Family
• Juvederm Ultra Plus
• Juvederm Voluma

Merz Family
• Radiesse

Restylane Family
• Restylane Contour
• Restylane Defyne
• Restylane Lyft
• Sculptra

Revance RHA (Exclusive Provider)
• RHA 4

If you are curious about any of these products please give us a call and we will be more than happy to assist you.

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