Edge Elite
Fractional Laser

Edge Elite Fractional Laser in Springfield

Give your skin an Edge with the latest development in fractional technology at Aesthetic Med Studio. The Edge Elite is the most intelligent laser on the market which allows our highly trained team to deliver a more natural result and with an easier patient treatment experience than other devices.

The Procedure


How It Works

The laser delivers a beam that is divided into thousands of tiny but deep columns of treatment into the skin. These columns are called microthermal treatment zones (MTZ). This concept of MTZ allows the laser to treat intensively within zones, while surrounding healthy tissue helps to speed up overall healing. The skin that has been treated then gives off cell signals which stimulate the body’s natural repair mechanisms to rebuild collagen in the targeted areas.

What It Treats

Sun damage
Fine lines & wrinkles
Reduction of acne scars & surgical scars
Skin rejuvenation improved texture
Skin tightening

Patient Benefits Include

Treatments are customizable
Dramatic improvement in a single 30-minute treatment session
Little to no downtime, healing and recovery than traditional lasers
Little to no patient discomfort during and following the procedure
Proper patient skin care regimen and sun protection preserves results for many years

Procedure Time

About 20 - 30 minutes


The results for this treatment can begin to be seen in as little as one week post procedure. The treated area will continue to get better and better for up to three months.

Signature Treatment Options


Vanity Peel

Using Aesthetic Med Studio Signature Protocols we will deliver this advanced skin treatment that reduces the appearance of fine lines, sun damage, and pores while improving skin texture, all with minimal to zero downtime.

Edge Elite Plus

This is a combination treatment where we combine the Edge + INTRAcel. The two technologies truly provide the best of both worlds with little to no downtime at all. We absolutely love this combination, it is amazing for fine lines, wrinkles, pores and long-lasting skin tightening.

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