LIPOcel Body Sculpting

LIPOcel Body Sculpting
Permanently Remove Fat & Tighten Skin Simultaneously

LIPOcel Body Sculpting is the latest innovation in non-invasive treatments which uses High Intensity Focused Ultrasound (HIFU) to both permanently destroy fat cells and tighten the skin together at the same time.

LIPOcel is particularly effective in treating deposits of excess fat in small and large areas of the body (such as stomach, love handles and thighs) where it’s often hard to remove fat through diet and exercise alone.

The Procedure


What it treats

Unwanted body fat
Love Handles
Muffin Tops
Bra Fat
Inner and Outer Thighs
Belly Fat
Arm Fat

Procedure Time

20-45 minutes per session.

Recovery Time & Side Effects

LIPOcel is non-surgical and non-invasive which means there is absolutely no downtime, it’s pain-free, and leaves no visible marks following the treatment.


20-40% Permanent Fat Reduction
Clinical studies show that LIPOcel can reduce stubborn fat permanently by 20-40% in the targeted area each session!

What is LIPOcel Body Sculpting?

Why Choose LIPOcel


Immediate & Visible Results

In most cases, LIPOcel will reveal a 5-15% result immediately after the treatment – results will also continue to deliver results over the next 12-weeks (post-treatment).

Reduces Fat & Tightens The Skin

LIPOcel is a 2-in-1 treatment! LIPOcel not only has the benefit of permanent fat reduction, but it also works to tighten skin at the same time!

Treat Large Areas in One Session

Because LIPOcel is not limited to applicators (such as with CoolSculpting (use hyperlink to link our CoolSculpting page)), we are able to treat larger areas of the body (such as full stomach or thighs) in one treatment with much more efficacy.

Frequently Asked Questions:

What is the difference in CoolSculpting and LIPOcel?

When it comes to the permanent reduction of fat, both CoolSculpting Elite and LIPOcel are clinically-proven and safe non-surgical treatments. We love both, however, there are some key differences:

LIPOcel Key Benefits

  • LIPOcel permanently reduces stubborn fat & also tightens skin at the same time.
  • LIPOcel, in most cases, will reveal a 5-15% result immediately post treatment.
  • LIPOcel is a more comfortable treatment with no chance of bruising.
  • LIPOcel also can treat larger areas of the body in one session.

CoolSculpting vs. LIPOcel Body Sculpting and Tightening

  • CoolSculpting has been around for many years and is a safe and clinically proven solution for permanent fat reduction only – CoolSculpting treatments do not provide the additional benefit of skin-tightening.
  • CoolSculpting uses applicators which work well for smaller areas of the body where stubborn pockets of fat are stored. Due to the use of applicators, this can be less efficient and effective than LIPOcel when targeting larger areas of the body and requires multiple sessions and applicators.
  • The technology used in CoolSculpting delivers a strong suction-effect, accompanied with a deep massage of the area after treatment which can be an uncomfortable experience. Neither of these are necessary with LIPOcel and it provides a more comfortable experience throughout the treatment.

We have both devices because we believe in both technologies. It can be difficult to decide which would be “best” for you but the good news is, you do not have to! Our highly trained body specialists will assess your body and goals to point you in the right direction for the best results. Click here to request a free consultation

How many LIPOcel Treatments do I need?

This varies from person to person depending on ‘where you’re starting’ and ‘what your end goal’ may be. Most patients will have their desired results with LIPOcel Body Sculpting in 2-4 sessions.

How close together can one do their LIPOcel sessions?

For the ‘best and fastest’ results, each session should be 4 weeks apart. However, keep in mind that final results from the first session are 12 weeks down the road. We do have people who like to wait and see final results before getting the next session. You will not lose any results by waiting to do another session, each time you do LIPOcel your fat reduction results are permanent.

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