Sun Damage

Sun Damage in Springfield

Sun Damage

Excessive sun exposure is one of the biggest causes of damaged and aging skin. Over time the sun’s ultraviolet (UV) rays break down the healthy structure of the skin causing wrinkles, brown spots (age spots) and poor skin tone.

When skin fibers break down, the skin loses its natural elasticity and tension resulting in wrinkles. The flat brown and black spots that occur due to exposure to the sun are called age spots or sun spots.

Sun damage may also present in the way of increased visible vascularity in the skin including general redness or visible small vessels, in addition to a rough skin texture or dull-looking skin. If you’re ready to get your skin’s radiance back, make Aesthetic Med Studio your first choice for sun damage repair treatments in Springfield!


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Sun Damage Explained

Science is always advancing and with it, so are ways to prevent damage. Going to the Dermatologist or being concerned with our skin health is a relatively new thought. Those who grew up in the 50’s-70’s without being fully aware of all the harmful long-term effects of sun exposure often spent all day laying by the pool without any protection, and many of us even used tanning or baby oil to achieve a deep, lasting tan.

It is important to use skin care products every day that have at least an SPF 20, and it’s also important to remember to reapply multiple times per day. Additionally, our skin care experts will work closely with you to address your concerns to reduce the look of skin damage, and even reverse some of the effects altogether.

Treatment Options

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