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Aesthetic Med Studio is Springfield’s premier medical spa offering the most effective non-invasive techniques to provide the best results for our clients. At Aesthetic Med Studio, we strive to not only meet but to exceed every guest’s needs and expectations with minimal to no recovery downtime all within a pleasant and relaxing atmosphere.

From CoolSculpting and chemical peels to Botox and microdermabrasion, Aesthetic Med Studio provides a variety of full-service procedures to achieve your dream results. Our experienced staff – combined with our cutting-edge technology, advanced services, and dedication to enhancing your self-image and confidence – ensures that we’ll provide you with a level of service superior to providers not only in Springfield, but anywhere in the country.

achieve your dream results

My friends told me I looked fine, but I knew better. My face was dull. I had horrible sun damage. The Aesthetic Med Studio staff was really understanding and helpful. With the Visia imaging, I felt encouraged about how good I could look with a few laser treatments. Now I love the smooth, creamy, glow my skin has. I look years younger!

Monica T.

People told me I looked tired all the time and that was even after I got a lot of sleep. Karlene suggested Radiesse for my cheeks and jowl, Botox for a brow lift, and Skin Tyte on my neck. What a difference! There is more definition to my face and I look so much younger. I even look happier. Well, of course, I am happier!

Karrie R.

When I went to Aesthetic Med Studio, I did not know what to do to improve my face. It did not have much definition. After the nurse injected dermal filler to my cheeks and chin, I was delighted at how great I looked and how quick and easy it was. I feel really pretty with a nice profile and high cheekbones. I feel this is the way I should have always looked!

Casie C.

Now that my laser sessions are complete — and I am hair-free in all the places I wanted to be — I just wanted to say Thank You! This is truly the best thing I ever did for myself.

Julie P.

I no longer have to shave or wax my bikini line or my underarms. I found the laser treatments only slightly more painful than waxing, and only had to have treatment once every 8 weeks instead of every 3 weeks with waxing. Best of all—now that my series of laser treatments are complete, I never need to go for any type of hair removal again. I’m hair free and loving it!

Ashley R.

I was reluctant to get into BOTOX® Cosmetic at first because, although I was sure I would like the results, I thought I would be returning for treatments every two months and that it would be too expensive. But I have been able to go up to six months between treatments with only the tiniest bit of wrinkles re-appearing.

Alixis C.

I recently attended my thirty-fifth class reunion, which is a story I won’t share here, but people could not stop commenting on how young I looked.

Megan K.
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