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If you've noticed that the facial lines formed by smiling, frowning, or laughing are sticking around even when your face is relaxed, you're experiencing what's known as dynamic wrinkles. These wrinkles occur when overused facial muscles stay contracted, leaving a noticeable line on your skin. XEOMIN, like BOTOX®, is an injectable treatment that uses a purified form of botulinum toxin type A to temporarily relax these muscles, making your wrinkles appear softer and your face smoother. At Aesthetic Med Studio in Springfield, MO, we offer a range of cosmetic and medical dermatology solutions, including XEOMIN treatments for wrinkle relaxation. Book a consultation to find out more about what XEOMIN can do for you.

How Do XEOMIN Injections Work?

XEOMIN injections at Aesthetic Med Studio usually last 30 minutes at most from beginning to end and can be performed in our procedure room following your consultation. The areas of the face receiving treatment will be cleaned and sterilized before XEOMIN is gently injected with a specialized needle. The procedure is fast, and it generally does not cause great discomfort so local anesthesia is not necessary but can be requested during your consultation. Pressure and cold compresses will be applied to the treatment site to manage any minor bleeding or swelling before you leave.

What Are the Benefits of XEOMIN?

XEOMIN yields many perks for Springfield, MO patients looking to remove lines and wrinkles from indiscrete spots. If your wrinkles and fine lines are disrupting life and your desired look, XEOMIN could:

  • Address fine lines and wrinkles due to local causes, such as smoking or smile lines
  • Hide fine lines and spots with folded skin
  • Provide an affordable, low-risk choice for a wide number of qualified candidates
  • Diminish fine lines and wrinkles

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How much does XEOMIN cost?

Your cost for a XEOMIN treatment will vary based on the amount needed to match your needs. In your initial consultation, you will share your goals so your injector can develop your personalized plan and then estimate your cost. Aesthetic Med Studio accepts many forms of payment and frequently has specials on injectable treatments like XEOMIN.

Should I get XEOMIN or BOTOX?

XEOMIN and BOTOX are wrinkle relaxers made with botulinum toxin. The skilled injectors at Aesthetic Med Studio know the subtle differences between wrinkle relaxers, so they can determine which will deliver the desired results for you. In your initial consultation, your injector will listen to your needs and concerns before choosing if XEOMIN or a different brand is right.

Should I get XEOMIN or fillers?

Injectable wrinkle relaxers like XEOMIN improve dynamic facial wrinkles, especially the glabellar or frown lines between your eyebrows. A dermal filler improves static wrinkles and adds volume. Talk to your injector about your needs/concerns and wants so they can decide if you should get XEOMIN, a filler, or a combination of both.

Is XEOMIN safe?

XEOMIN has been approved by the FDA (Food and Drug Administration) as a cosmetic wrinkle treatment that can be safely used on most patients. In your consultation, your injector will ask many questions, such as about any allergies and all medications, supplements, and herbs you use. You need to be open and honest with your answers to avoid any complications or side effects.

How often should I get XEOMIN injections?

Results from a XEOMIN treatment may be visible for up to three months. Every patient will metabolize the injection at a different rate, which determines how long their results last. During your initial consultation, your injector will discuss how often you should schedule your next appointment.

Turn Back Time with XEOMIN

While aging graces us with wisdom and poise, it also often brings along undesirable facial wrinkles and lines. Counter these signs of aging effortlessly with XEOMIN injectable treatments designed to relax and smooth dynamic facial wrinkles. Schedule a personalized consultation at Aesthetic Med Studio in Springfield, MO to create your own XEOMIN treatment plan.

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