Eyelash Extensions in Springfield, MO

What Are Eyelash Extensions?

Your eyelashes play a subtle but important role in how you look. Each day, millions of people take the time to style or apply makeup to their lashes to enhance their overall appearance. At Aesthetic Med Studio, we're happy to accentuate your look with our suite of eyelash services, which includes extensions, tinting, and lifts. Whether you're preparing for a big night out or just want to save yourself some time during your daily routine, our eyelash treatments are designed to create fuller, thicker-looking lashes that are sure to turn heads. If you're unsatisfied with stubby or lifeless lashes, give our Springfield, MO practice a call to learn more about our selection of eyelash services.

How Do Eyelash Treatments Work?

During your private consultation, we'll talk with you about the look you're trying to achieve and which treatments are ideal for you. If you're requesting a lash tinting treatment, we'll also discuss your desired shade. The details of each service are slightly different, but all of our eyelash treatments offer comfort and remarkable results:

  • Lash extensions: While you sit back comfortably, a member of our team will use a medical-grade adhesive to carefully apply extensions to the base of each of your natural eyelashes. Depending on your goals and the extent of your treatment, the procedure may take up to two hours. Touch-up extensions usually take less time.
  • Lash lifting: We'll place a silicone protector over your eye so that only the lashes are exposed. A member of our team will lift the lashes up over the shield before applying a specialized serum to them to make them curl upward instead of sitting flat.
  • Lash tinting: After confirming your desired pigment, we'll place pads under your eyes to prevent the tinting solution from staining your skin. Once the solution is ready, it will be gently painted onto your eyelashes and left for several minutes before the excess is removed. Tinting is generally recommended for clients who want to darken light eyelashes.

Depending on your desired outcome, we may perform multiple eyelash services during your appointment for a more dramatic transformation.

What Are the Benefits of Eyelash Treatments?

Eyelash enhancements at Aesthetic Med Studio are a great way to highlight the natural beauty of your eyes and face. Some of the added benefits of our eyelash services include:

  • Treatments are comfortable and require no downtime to recover afterward
  • Saves time and money that would be spent on cosmetics like mascara
  • Makes you look younger and more alert
  • Creates subtle improvements that accentuate your natural features


The space is beautiful and the people are very friendly! Feels like you’re coming to visit your friends!

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My experiences at Aesthetic Med Studio are always wonderful. Samantha took her time and made sure to explain everything she was doing during my chemical peel/facial. I will always recommend this studio to my friends and family!

T.R. Google

Everyone was extremely nice and informative! It was a great experience!

J.S. Google

I had the edge laser treatment done today. Upon arrival I was taken back to the procedure room within a minute of sitting down. The staff was kind and accommodating. The young lady that performed my procedure, explained everything and offered to answer any questions that I had. The procedure took less than 12 minutes, but she was very empathetic and kind during the procedure. She accurately, as of right now (as of 2 hours after), explained the aftercare process. They explain there is different settings to the edge, laser treatment, which accommodate the number of days you have for recovery. I go back to work on Wednesday, 1/10. I will update on the healing and aftercare process next week.

A.G. Google

The staff was kind and professional. Answered all my questions and put me at ease.

D.D. Google


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Eye-Catching Lashes

Make no mistake — when it comes to making an unforgettable first impression, healthy, lush eyelashes are a must-have. Whether you want to lengthen, darken, or lift your lashes, the team at Aesthetic Med Studio has the expertise to create a naturally subtle but attention-grabbing look. Schedule your next eyelash treatment at our Springfield, MO facility to see the difference we can make.

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