Lip Enhancement in Springfield, MO

What Is Lip Enhancement?

The past few years have seen an increase in demand for lip enhancement procedures as millions of people all over the world look for ways to have fuller, sensual lips. Thinning lips often occur as a result of age as the face and mouth lose volume, creating a flat and wrinkled appearance. At Aesthetic Med Studio, we perform lip enhancements using a selection of injectable dermal fillers to help patients achieve their desired size and shape. Our Springfield, MO cosmetic specialists will work with you to find the filler solution that's best for your goals. If you're considering nonsurgical solutions for shapely, pouty lips, schedule an appointment with our team to learn about lip enhancements using dermal fillers.

How Do Lip Enhancement Treatments Work?

Before starting your treatment, we'll apply a topical anesthetic to your lips to make the treatment process more comfortable. After that, our master injector will use our signature lip mapping technique to mark the best injection spots to create the size and shape of lips that you desire. Once you're ready, your selected dermal filler will be injected throughout your lips through a fine syringe. We offer many options for dermal fillers at Aesthetic Med Studio, including JUVÉDERM®, Restylane®, and Revance® RHA. During your consultation, we'll discuss the advantages of each product and help you find the one that's ideal for your needs. You may have some swelling or bruising for a few days after your lip enhancement treatment, but once these subside, you'll be left with full, unforgettable lips.

What Are the Benefits of Lip Enhancement?

If your look has become a little dull or flat, nonsurgical lip enhancements at Aesthetic Med Studio may be just the treatment you need to turn back the clock. Some of the benefits of dermal fillers for lip enhancement include:

  • Treatments are quick and easy to fit into your schedule
  • No surgery means little discomfort and no scarring
  • Variety of dermal filler options allows for customizable treatments and results
  • Injections create a subtle but striking improvement in your appearance
  • Recovery is fast and easy, requiring no downtime

Had the best experience getting lip filler here. The whole facility is absolutely beautiful, clean and comfortable. I got my lips done by Ashton, who was incredible. She made me feel so comfortable and gave me exactly what I was looking for!!

E.H. Google

I love the Botox treatments, lip injections and especially the Intracell I have received from Aesthetic Med Studio. I am told frequently that I do not look my age and I owe it all to these wonderful people.

R.C. Google

I wish there was a way to tell everyone to go to this place for all of the aesthetic needs!!! I got lips fillers for the first time ever yesterday and they took such good care of me. Walked me through what will happen. Reassured me. And educated me on the process. Then while getting my filler is was so easy and quick and it hasn’t even been 24 hours and I love them! Such an amazing place and an amazing staff. Would rate even higher than 5 stars if it were possible!

C.C. Google

I literally could not have wished for a better first time experience. Ashtyn was super knowledgeable and so welcoming. I was really nervous to go somewhere and talk about my insecurities and what I wanted "fixed" about my face. While I was talking about what I wanted corrected (lips and nose), she made sure to point out a thing or two about the same area that was already pretty perfect. I can't really express how much I appreciated hearing genuine compliments during the whole process. It definitely made a very positive experience. Thanks to Ashtyn, by the time I left, I no longer felt like I was "fixing" a part of my face but enhancing something that was already beautiful.

R.G. Google

First time doing fillers for my lips. It was an awesome experience and definitely will be back. Thank you ladies 🏼

B.C. Google


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Will lip enhancement affect the way my lips feel or function?

Lip enhancement should not significantly affect the way your lips feel or function. Initially, you may experience some swelling and tenderness, but these symptoms usually resolve within a few days. High-quality fillers and skilled injection techniques are designed to preserve the natural movement and sensation of your lips. It’s important to follow our team's aftercare instructions to ensure optimal healing and results.

How long do the results of lip enhancement last?

The duration of lip enhancement results can vary depending on the type of filler used, individual metabolism, and lifestyle factors. Generally, most hyaluronic acid-based fillers last between six months to a year. Some newer formulations may offer longer-lasting results, up to 18 months. It's essential to follow our aesthetic care team's advice on maintenance treatments to keep your lips looking their best.

Are there any potential side effects or risks associated with lip enhancement?

As with any cosmetic procedure, lip enhancement can have potential side effects and risks. Common side effects include swelling, bruising, redness, and tenderness at the injection site, which typically subside within a few days. More serious but rare complications can include infection, allergic reactions, and lumps or irregularities in the lips. It’s crucial to choose a qualified and experienced provider to minimize these risks.

Full, Luscious Lips

Nothing sets a person's look apart quite like full, round lips. If your lips look thin, flat, or lifeless, schedule an appointment at Aesthetic Med Studio to discuss your options for lip augmentation with dermal fillers. Our Springfield, MO aesthetic providers take pride in creating incredible transformations for our patients with customizable treatments. Contact our office today to learn more.

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