Aesthetic Procedures

Acne Treatments

Aesthetic Med Studio uses the FDA-approved BroadBand Light (BBL) light system by Sciton for the treatment of acne. The blue light kills the bacteria that causes inflammation and also alters the size of the sebaceous gland.

We normally recommend a series of 4 treatments, one per week. Combining these treatments with the proper homecare will result in dramatic improvements in acne. Light therapy for acne does not result in downtime and is very tolerable. Many patients prefer this option to long-term usage of prescription drugs.

During your thorough consultation, our skincare experts will discuss which treatments and products will be best for your specific skincare needs. Schedule a free consultation today to learn more about our treatment options for acne.

Antifungal Laser Nail Therapy

Until recently, treatment options for nail fungus infections have been inconvenient and largely ineffective. Only two treatment options have commonly been available:

  • Over-the-counter topical treatments (8% effectiveness)
  • Prescription oral medication (50% effectiveness); potential side effects must be managed with blood tests

Aesthetic Med Studio offers a cutting-edge antifungal laser therapy that is painless, free of side effects, and offers an effectiveness rate of 88% in just one treatment. A new nail will grow free of infection, slowly replacing the infected portion of your nail in 9 to 12 months.

Botox for Wrinkles

Botox® is the #1 cosmetic treatment in the US. The simple reason for this is that it works very well, and works for nearly everyone. Botox is mainly used to treat “dynamic wrinkles,” which are lines created by the movement of muscles. It can also be used to add arch to eyebrows, ease lines around the mouth, and give the corners of the mouth a lift.

The most common areas where Botox is used are:

  • Glabella – the area in between the eyebrows
  • Forehead
  • Crows feet
  • Upper lip

For more clinical and detailed information, please visit Botox Cosmetic, which is the web site for the manufacturer of Botox.

When you visit Aesthetic Med Studio for your first Botox treatment, we will always schedule a 2-week follow-up visit to ensure that you achieve the best results possible.

Aesthetic Med Studio offers the latest in anti-aging and aesthetic treatments to help our clients look and feel their best. Schedule a free consultation today to learn more about Botox.

Combination Laser Treatments

Advanced laser treatments utilize a combination Microlaser Peel, Profractional Laser, and IPL/BBL Photo Rejuvenation to address all layers of the skin.  Our laser treatments can be easily fine-tuned for individual skin conditions and for each patient’s desired outcome and downtime expectations.

NorthStar Peel

IPL/BBL Photo Rejuvenation, MicroLaser Peel and Profractional Laser: This all in one resurfacing treatment provides significant improvement of deep facial wrinkles, focused attention to lines around the mouth and eyes, and reduces or eliminates sun damage.

South Beach Peel

MicroLaser Peel and Profractional Laser

A.C.E. Peel (Advance Combination Erbium)

IPL/BBL Photo Rejuvenation and MicroLaser Peel

Chemical Peels

Chemical peels can help improve the effects of aging, blotchy pigmentation, sun damage, acne, and enlarged pore size. Our professionals at Aesthetic Med Studio will determine the best type of chemical peel for you based on your skincare needs and your specific skin type. We carry a variety of peels including those from PCA, Young Pharmaceutical, and more.

Most chemical peels are derived from plants and fruits. They work by loosening the bonds that hold dead skin cells together. Over time, dead skin on the surface gradually lessens, revealing both softer and smoother skin. The whole procedure normally takes just a few minutes, involves minimal discomfort, and creates little to no downtime. We often combine chemical peels with crystal-free microdermabrasion and facials.

At Aesthetic Med Studio, we enjoy helping our clients improve their appearance with the latest in anti-aging and aesthetic treatments. During your complimentary consultation, we will discuss the types of chemical peels available and which ones will offer you the best results.

Crystal-Free Microdermabrasion

Crystal-free microdermabrasion is a gentle, mechanical exfoliation of the skin. Microdermabrasion has become a popular aesthetic treatment in America for many good reasons: It has been shown to improve overall skin tone and texture with no downtime. While earlier versions used crystals to “sand blast” the skin, microdermabrasion techniques have improved dramatically over the last decade.

Aesthetic Med Studio offers the DiamondTome System, which employs light suction and diamond-tipped wands made of stainless steel. DiamondTome’s advanced design allows us to show you the skin that was taken off during the treatment as tangible evidence of its effectiveness.

Crystal-free microdermabrasion can improve numerous skin conditions, including:

  • Sun damage
  • Wrinkles
  • Acne
  • Enlarged pores
  • Acne scarring

Depending on the condition of your skin, we may recommend a series of treatments for maximum results. Schedule your complimentary consultation to discuss the best treatment program for your skincare needs.


The CoolSculpting procedure eliminates stubborn fat safely and effectively, without surgery or downtime. This fat reduction treatment is the only FDA-cleared procedure to use controlled cooling to safely target and eliminate diet- and exercise-resistant fat. CoolSculpting results are proven, noticeable, and lasting, so you’ll look and feel great from every angle.

Freeze away fat? It comes down to science. Fat cells freeze at higher temperatures than surrounding tissues. CoolSculpting technology safely delivers precisely controlled cooling to gently and effectively target the fat cells underneath the skin. The treated fat cells are crystallized (frozen), and then die. Over time, your body naturally processes the fat and eliminates these dead cells, leaving a more sculpted you.

HydraFacial Resurfacing

The newest breakthrough in skin resurfacing technology for all skin types and complexions.

The HydraFacial resurfacing procedure thoroughly enhances the skin by removing dead skin cells and impurities while simultaneously infusing the new skin with cleansing, hydrating and moisturizing solutions. This treatment is ideal for all skin types and conditions including hyperpigmentation, fine lines, acne and rosacea.

  • HydraFacial MD
  • Anti-Aging HydraFacial MD*

*Includes DermaBuilder Peptide Complex: improves the structure of the derma-epidermal junction by stimulating collagen and elastin proteins improving the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles.

HydraFacials help to improve the appearance of:

  •  Early aging fine lines and wrinkles
  • Hyperpigmentation and melasma
  •  Sun damaged skin
  • Age spots
  • Blackheads and whiteheads
  • Enlarged pores
  • Excess oil
  • Hydration
  • Puffy eyes
  • Rejuvenation
  •  Overall skin health

Dermal Fillers

Aesthetic Med Studio offers multiple dermal fillers specifically tailored for various applications. Our selection of dermal fillers includes:

  • Juvederm, Juvederm Ultra, and Juvederm Ultra Plus (stabilized hyaluronic acid)
  • Restylane, Perlane (stabilized hyaluronic acid)
  • Radiesse (hydroxyappetite)
  • ArteFill

Our nurse is highly experienced with dermal fillers and will help you decide which filler best suits your needs. Fillers normally last 6-18 months, depending on the individual.

The most common areas where filler is used are:

  • Nasal Labial folds – the lines from the corners of your nose to the corners of your mouth.
  • Marionette Lines – lines from the corners of your mouth that run toward your chin
  • Cheeks
  • Lips
  • Facial wrinkles

During your consultation, our nurse will thoroughly explain the benefit of dermal fillers and what you can expect from your treatment.


Dysport is an injectible botulinum toxin, similar to BOTOX Cosmetic, used to temporarily improve the look of moderate to severe wrinkles. The dose of Dysport is not the same as or comparable to the dose of any other botulinum toxin product.

The most common areas where Dysport is used are:

  • Glabella — the area in between the eyebrows
  • Forehead
  • Crows feet

For more detailed information and clinical studies, please visit


Exilis is a non-invasive aesthetic device for the treatment of skin tightening and fat reduction. Using safe thermal energy, patients experience a comfortable deep heating sensation with each short treatment session.

Exilis is the newest non-surgical method for body-shaping and circumferential reduction of targeted fatty deposits on the body. Previously the way only to remove fat volume from the body, aside from diet and exercise, was liposuction or SmartLipo, which require an incision and downtime from regular daily activities.

  • Provides effective body contouring
  • No Pain and No Downtime
  • Reduces wrinkles and remodels skin
  • Scientifically proven and clinically tested
  • FDA approved for use in non-invasive dermatologic and aesthetic procedures

Typically, four treatment sessions within four to six weeks are recommended.

Eyelash Extensions

Aesthetic Med Studio uses eyelash extensions made of synthetic micro polyester fiber thread. They are designed to feel completely weightless and natural and to look like real lashes — except longer, thicker and fuller. They are resistant to water, perspiration, tears, swimming and sleep.

AMS has two highly trained and certified lash stylists with over 3 years of experience. During your procedure, our last stylist will apply one single, silky lash extension to each one of your own individual lashes. The procedure is comfortable, painless and relaxing. Touch up is required every 3-4 weeks.

Schedule a consultation today to learn more about how eyelash extensions can enhance your natural appearance.

IPL/BBL Photo Rejuvenation

  • Photo rejuvenation, often called intense pulsed light (IPL) or BroadBand Light (BBL), has become a staple of the skincare industry. Aesthetic Med Studio utilizes the Sciton BBL system. These treatments are very popular due to high efficacy and no downtime.Photo rejuvenation provides dramatic improvement for:
    • Rosacea: Photo rejuvenation reduces the overall redness, flushing and tiny blood vessels associated with rosacea. It also often improves the acne breakouts that are commonly seen in rosacea patients.
    • Sun damage to the face (photo-aging): Photo rejuvenation reduces freckling and irregular pigmentation. It creates a smoother appearance to the skin and even provides some reduction in pore size.
    • Sun damage to the neck, chest and back (photo-aging): Photo rejuvenation reduces the freckling and irregular pigmentation to the chest and/or back and improves the overall appearance of the skin. It also reduces the redness on the chest associated with excessive sun exposure.
    • Sun damage to the hands and arms (photo-aging, also called “liver spots”): Photo rejuvenation reduces the freckling and irregular pigmentation to the hands and even the arms with improvement in the thin-skin appearance of sun-damaged hands.

    At Aesthetic Med Studio, we enjoy helping our clients improve their appearance with the latest in anti-aging and aesthetic treatments. The skincare experts at AMS will discuss which light therapy will best suit your specific skin type and needs. For maximum results, a series of 3-5 treatments is normally required, with 3-5 weeks in between treatments.


Cure for the Double Chin

Chin up, with the FDA approval of Kybella, the stubborn fat may no longer be seeing double. . Submental Fullness or as we call it ‘The Double Chin’ is a common issue amongst men and women; even if you drop pounds and inches in other areas, your double chin just wants to hang around. Your body naturally produces deoxycholic acid and stores it in the gallbladder in order to metabolize the fat that we eat.

Kybella is injected in a similar fashion to Botox. Once injected, the pure product goes to work, eating away the nuclear envelope of the fat cells and then letting your body naturally metabolize the fat.

Kybella injections result in a permanent loss of fat in the area.

Laser Hair Reduction

Laser hair removal has become one of the most popular aesthetic treatments in the United States.

The most common areas treated for hair removal include:

  • Bikini
  • Underarms
  • Face
  • Back
  • Chest
  • Legs

Aesthetic Med Studio uses the Sciton laser for hair removal. On average, 4-8 treatments are needed to achieve maximum results. We perform these treatments once every 4-8 weeks depending on the area of the body being treated.

Leg & Facial Vein Therapy

For patients who experience severe pain or discomfort from varicose veins, or who simply wish to improve the appearance of varicose veins or spider veins, Aesthetic Med Studio offers effective treatment through a process known as sclerotherapy.What is sclerotherapy?Sclerotherapy involves injecting a solution (such as sodium chloride) directly into the vein. The salt solution irritates the lining of the vein, causing it to swell, which prevents the further passage of blood. Eventually, the vein turns into scar tissue and becomes less visible. Sclerotherapy is a safe and effective procedure that has been in use since the 1930s to treat varicose veins.How is sclerotherapy performed?We perform sclerotherapy in our office for your convenience. In most cases, a sterile sodium chloride solution is mixed with lidocaine (a local anesthetic) and is injected directly into the blood vessel with a very fine needle. A solution without lidocaine is available for people who are allergic to lidocaine. The number of veins treated at one time depends on the size and location of the veins, as well as your overall medical condition.The sclerotherapy procedure takes about 30 to 45 minutes. Mild discomfort may occur, and a cramping sensation may be felt for 1 to 2 minutes when larger varicose veins are injected. Medical MicrodermabrasionMedical microdermabrasion is a 3-step treatment customized to your individual skin type. Our medical microdermabrasion treatments include:

  • Crystal-free microdermabrasion
  • One of four light chemical peels
  • Hydrator and sunblock

At Aesthetic Med Studio, we enjoy helping our clients improve their appearance with the latest in anti-aging and aesthetic treatments. Schedule a free consultation today to learn more about the benefits of medical microdermabrasion.

MicroLaser Peel

MicroLaser Peels have become one of the most popular and effective skin treatments available today. These treatments utilize an advanced laser system to remove the outer layers of your skin in a safe and precise manner.

MicroLaser Peels can offer dramatic results for:

  • Sun damage
  • Wrinkles
  • Acne scars
  • Enlarged pores
  • Poor skin tone

At Aesthetic Med Studio, we can perform MicroLaser Peels ranging from very gentle to very aggressive. We choose the depth of the peel based on your specific skin needs and the amount of downtime you can tolerate.

Unlike treatments using earlier lasers, the MicroLaser Peel can be performed on the full face, neck, chest and hands. We can also treat smaller areas, such as the eyes and mouth, without the risk of changing the color of your skin – something that was not possible with earlier laser technology.

MicroLaser Peels can be performed as a stand-alone treatment, or in combination with other laser treatments.

Teeth Whitening

Polus whitening, “A shiny, white smile in just one hour”

What it is: A multifunctional system offering greater treatment flexibility: LightBridge-powered whitening accelerator (dual-arch and single-tooth whitening).

What it does: Light technology combines powerful halogen and LED light technologies to produce an intense, effective, and safe light output, ensuring the best whitening results possible.

Dual-arch power whitening option can be set to a gentle, normal, or intense light output setting for a tailored treatment that best suits each individual patient.

Single-tooth whitening option included for precision, tailored treatment results.

Profractional Laser

The Sciton Profractional Laser is the most advanced laser of its kind on the market today. Fractional laser technology is unlike traditional laser treatments. Utilizing an advanced laser scanner, the ProFractional laser ablates microscopic “holes” in your skin. Because a large portion of the skin is left intact, healing time is much faster than traditional laser treatments. We are able to perform these treatments with very little discomfort, and we can vary the depth to fit your schedule for downtime.

The Profractional laser treatment provides amazing results for:

  • Wrinkles
  • Acne scars
  • Sun damage
  • Enlarged pores
  • Poor skin tone

We often combine our Profractional treatments with BBL photo rejuvenation and MicroLaser Peels for even greater results.

Skin Tyte

Skin Tyte, a treatment developed by Sciton, is a non-invasive light therapy that tightens loose skin with no downtime. Skin Tyte utilizes a broad spectrum of light that delivers energy into the dermal layer of your skin. This energy creates a thermal injury, which stimulates your body to produce more collagen. Increased collagen production helps restore elasticity to your skin, thereby tightening the tissue.

The most common areas we treat with Skin Tyte include:

  • Lower face
  • Neck
  • Forehead
  • Crows feet
  • Knees

Aesthetic Med Studio offers the latest in anti-aging and aesthetic treatments to help our clients look and feel their best. Schedule a free consultation today to learn how Skin Tyte and other aesthetic procedures can improve the appearance and texture of your skin.


Xeomin, which is manufactured by Merz Aesthetics, has been used by more than 240,000 people worldwide. It is now approved for glabellar lines use in almost 20 countries.

Xeomin works by softening lines and wrinkles, by blocking the signals from the nerves to the muscles, and as a result, the targeted muscle cannot contract. The effects of Xeomin occur within one week, and the results last from three to six months, making it comparable to Botox in terms of both onset and duration of actions.

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Dermal Filler FAQs

What are dermal fillers?

For more than a century, various substances have been injected into skin to plump lips and wrinkles. Everything from wax to fat to plastic has been injected into facial tissues, with some fillers proving reactive or dangerous.

For the past 25 years, only one choice in our country was FDA approved and that was collagen. Collagen was manufactured from cows, and because it was an animal product, it required allergy testing. Patients would have to undergo an allergy test and then wait a month for the actual treatment. The other problem with older fillers such as collagen was the fact that they just did not last long. Some patients retained the collagen fillers for only a few weeks, or several months at best.

A virtual revolution is now occurring with the development of dermal fillers. Several different products have been used safely and effectively for many years in Europe, Canada, and Australia. These fillers have been passing FDA scrutiny and many have been cleared for use in the USA. Each coming year will bring the introduction of new products for filling lines and wrinkles.

What can fillers do?

There is no easy answer for this question as each filler has different advantages and disadvantages. At Aesthetic Med Studio, we use multiple fillers to assist the various problems associated with facial aging. It is rare that we use only a single filler for a patient.

Many patients misunderstand fillers and sometime confuse them with Botox. Fillers are substances that are injected under the skin or lips to plump up the tissues. For the lips, fillers can increase lip size and enhance lip definition. They can also plump out “lipstick lines” that develop in many female patients. For skin wrinkling, fillers are usually used for nasolabial folds (laugh lines) or bigger, deeper wrinkles. Fillers can also be used to augment facial anatomy by increasing chin or cheek size, or to fill in defects and scars.

It is important to separate the marketing and media hype from the true clinical science of injectable facial fillers. It seems that each time a new filler is FDA approved, it is hyped as “the best and longest lasting filler in history” — that is, until the next month when the next filler is introduced. In reality, they are all good for specific indications. Sometimes they are made of the same ingredients and do the same thing. Some patients or injectors simply like one better than the other.

How long do fillers last?

There is no definitive answer to this question as each patient metabolizes fillers differently. Research has shown fillers such as Restylane and Juvederm last up to 12 months. Radiesse has been shown to last more than a year; silicone and Artefil are permanent. Fillers may not last as long in areas of increased movement, such as around the mouth. Different fillers will last for different periods of time in different patients. As filler science progresses, the longevity of fillers is increasing.

Although we want long-lasting results, sometimes it is better if results are not permanent. What looks good or is in style today may not look good or be in style in 5 years. Due to this, fillers that will eventually be absorbed by the body may be preferable.

How are fillers injected?

Fillers are injected through small needles. While many injectors at other facilities do not take the time to properly numb their patients, Aesthetic Med Studio goes to great lengths to make this procedure painless. We have had many patients switch to our practice because of our painless injection technique. All patients are first treated with numbing cream on the areas to be injected, then several small injections of local anesthetic are given to totally numb the area for a truly painless procedure.

The filler is then injected in the lips, wrinkles or folds. The actual injection takes only minutes. Ice is placed on the treated area immediately after the injections. After lip injections, the lips generally swell somewhat but most patients are able to return to work the next day. Rarely, some patients experience more significant swelling. For this reason, a first-time filler patient may want to be treated on a Friday. It is also a good idea to refrain from aspirin or drugs that delay clotting for 1 to 2 weeks to decrease bruising when using fillers.

Occasionally a touch-up fill may be performed at the follow-up appointment. It is important to view filler injection as a sculpting process; in some cases, multiple appointments are required to provide the special result that the patient desires

Filler injection to plump the lips

In the lips, the filler is used to enhance the natural lip outline and regain the definition that is lost with aging. It is also used to plump the lips to actually make them bigger and to show more of the red lip area. Our careful attention to detail results in a very natural enhancement. Patients who have been “over-filled” are quite obvious. Many factors go into making an aesthetically pleasing lip — just making lips bigger is not the answer and can look fake. For most patients, a single syringe of filler is adequate to plump both lips.

Filler injection for laugh lines

For nasolabial folds (laugh lines), the filler is injected to plump the fold. Fillers won’t make nasolabial folds disappear, but will improve the appearance of the lines and folds. In fact, adults would look unnatural without any smile lines. Instead of being eliminated, the fold is blunted. Nasolabial folds are actually valleys within tissue; the product fills in the valleys, making them less pronounced.

To get an idea of what to expect when injecting the folds with a filler, place your index finger above the fold and press on the skin. This will cause the fold to plump out, similar to the result that the filler produces. Younger patients may need only a single syringe of filler for both folds, but patients with deeper folds will more than likely require a syringe of filler for each side. The biggest problem with nasolabial folds is under-treatment, or not using enough filler. It is usually better to save up for two syringes than to under-treat the folds with a single syringe.

Are there any risks associated with fillers?

From time to time, all injectors will over-correct an area or experience an asymmetry. With the common hyaluronic acid fillers such as Juvederm and Restylane, it is possible to reverse or dissolve the unwanted filler with a product called hyaluronidase. This product is marketed as Amphidase or Vitrase and is a safe and effective way to dissolve unwanted filler in 24 to 48 hours. Aesthetic Med Studio has treated numerous patients from other offices who have either received too much filler or filler in a place they did not want it. These corrections are simple and the effect is rapid, usually occurring in 1 to 2 days. There are no significant risks and no recovery time.

At Aesthetic Med Studio, we enjoy helping our clients improve their appearance with the latest in anti-aging and aesthetic treatments. Schedule your complimentary consultation today to discuss the types of dermal fillers available and which ones will offer you the best results.

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