Cosmetic Surgery Alternatives

By: Our Team


We all have troublesome areas on our bodies that we’d like to refine so we can feel our very best!

However, when it comes to cosmetic improvements, most people don’t want to undergo a full surgical operation.

Plastic surgery is an option, of course. But, there are several alternatives thanks to technological advancements. Before you pay tens of thousands of dollars in surgery and risk operational complications, you should know what choices you have available.

At Aesthetic Med Studio, we use carefully developed non-invasive procedures to make cosmetic improvements at a lower cost and with less recovery time.

Common Plastic Surgery Concerns

Before you go under the knife, you should be aware of the many issues that can accompany cosmetic surgery. The most common plastic surgery complications include the following:

  • Infection: this can happen within the body or even at the incision site, leading to worse scarring and potentially requiring additional surgery
  • Blood Loss: even up to requiring a transfusion
  • Blood Clotting: including Deep Vein Thrombosis (DVT) where the blood clots form in deep veins, often in the leg. These clots can break off and travel to the lungs, becoming a serious condition called Pulmonary Embolism (PE).
  • Hematoma: a pocket of blood that resembles a large, painful bruise
  • Seroma: serum or body fluid pooling beneath the skin’s surface, causing swelling and often pain
  • Nerve Damage: some numbness and tingling is temporary, but in some cases these effects are permanent
  • Organ Damage: sometimes visceral perforations or punctures happen during the operation; repairing these internal organs requires additional surgery but can be fatal
  • Scarring
  • Anesthesia Complications: including lung infections, nausea and vomiting, strokes, heart attacks, or even death.

In addition to these alarming concerns, the surgical procedure itself can be quite lengthy. These operations are then followed by an often painful recovery period. If not performed by a skilled and trusted surgeon, patients may also experience bumpy or uneven skin, and any of the health conditions given above.

Experienced and reliable surgeons are not cheap, however. So while plastic surgery is an option, of course, technological advancements have brought about several safer, more affordable options you should consider.

Alternatives to Plastic Surgery

Aesthetic Med Studio has several examples of nonsurgical procedures that can accomplish your goals at a lower cost and with fewer risks. From injectable dermal fillers to advanced CoolSculpting, our professionals have a variety of safe, effective options to support you.

For example, injectable fillers are a non-invasive, non-surgical way to revitalize your face. These facial fillers can reduce signs of aging and can last up to two years. While Botox injections eliminate wrinkles by preventing muscles from moving, fillers simply plump the skin on your face instead.

No need for any surgical penetration of the body or even any anesthesia! Fillers are becoming more and more popular thanks to the lower financial costs, the lack of surgical scarring, the lower risk of complications, and the decreased recovery time. And fillers are only one of the many alternatives to plastic surgery!

Here are some of the cosmetic surgery alternatives we offer at Aesthetic Med Studio:

  • Nose: Many people think the only way to fix a nose is through a rhinoplasty. However, we are able to deliver long-lasting results with no surgery necessary. Aesthetic Med Studio performs noninvasive Non-Surgical Rhinoplasties through a combination of Dermal Filler and PDO Threads.
  • Lips: A full pout is the epitome of popularity right now. However, lip-plumping serums and overlined lips will only last a few hours at most. Plastic surgeons solve thin or asymmetrical lips by situating permanent lip implants, but the invasive surgery is followed by a lengthy recovery period, potential complications, and a rough removal process if the patient changes their mind. Instead, Aesthetic Med Studio uses safe and effective hyaluronic-acid based fillers to painlessly boost their client’s pout. These fillers are completely reversible and can be safely dissolved should the customer wish to make a change.
  • Sagging Facial Skin: Non-Surgical Aesthetics do have their limits, of course, but with regular treatment, our clients will never need to get a Face Lift. At Aesthetic Med Studio, we use highly-developed, safe devices to create new collagen and elastin within the areas the specifically need it. These tools, like our INTRAcel, in combination with our Lasers, Dermal Fillers, and PDO Threads are such high quality products that produce beautifully natural results. Best of all, they don’t necessitate the downtime or cost that a Face Lift would require.
  • Liposuction: Many people struggle with cellulite and stubborn weight concerns. Even with proper nutrition and exercise, stretched out or sagging skin cannot disappear on its own. Liposuction may be the right answer for some, but at Aesthetic Med Studio, we have found that we can often deliver the same if not better results with less downtime and overall cost. With our safe and effective LIPOcel, CoolSculpting, and Kybella tools, we are able to target every area of the body and help people lose inches immediately with a couple of different treatments.
  • Non-invasive cosmetic treatments should be a stress-free, rejuvenating experience. No need to miss out on your daily routine or avoid the sunshine – enjoy relaxing treatments and then go show off your immediate results!

Our skilled team will walk you through noninvasive cosmetic solutions and create a custom treatment plan to achieve your goals. Best of all, at Aesthetic Med Studio, consultations are always free!

Avoid serious complications, decrease your downtime, and choose a non-surgical cosmetic procedure instead of choosing plastic surgery.

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