Improve Vaginal Health with NeuViva Treatment

By: Our Team


Reclaim Your Health and Wellness Today with NeuViva Technology

As the aging process happens, especially after childbirth, vaginal atrophy is imminent. Vaginal atrophy is thinning, drying, and inflammation of the vaginal walls that may occur when your body has less estrogen. Vaginal atrophy occurs most often after menopause. For many women, vaginal atrophy not only makes intercourse painful but also leads to distressing urinary symptoms.

NeuViva utilizes fractional laser technology to improve blood circulation and stimulate collagen production that thickens the vaginal lining, thereby improving vaginal thinning, vaginal dryness, painful vaginal sex, and Stress Urinary Incontinence. Our goal is to recreate new cells, including collagen and elastin. After your treatment, the vaginal mucosa will become more nourished, and hydrated and the epithelium becomes thicker, more toned, and elastic. The correct vaginal pH becomes re-established, which helps maintain its natural protective barrier and reduces infection risk. Enhanced vaginal tissues at the urethral opening reduce urinary frequency problems.

Thousands of patients globally have loved the fact that NeuViva provides a safe, effective, and efficient alternative to estrogen. These treatments are pain-free, requiring no surgery and no needles, only a small probe fired inside the vagina at a low energy level. Most patients describe the actual pulses as feeling like nothing more than a slight vibration.

When you reclaim the power over your vaginal rejuvenation – you revitalize your sex life, take control of your femininity, and feel more empowered. Our favorite thing about this revolutionary treatment is that you can experience it all with a safe, innovative, and non-surgical procedure. NeuViva has been performed on thousands of patients worldwide, and studies have shown a long-lasting improvement in Vaginal Atrophy and Stress Urinary Incontinence. Vaginal atrophy treatment with the laser has a 91% patient satisfaction rating 4-12 months post-treatment and a 72% patient satisfaction rating 12-24 months post-treatment.

If you’re considering NeuViva for the first time, Aesthetic Med Studio is the perfect choice for both professionalism and personal care. Set up a consultation now to discuss the right options for you! Don’t settle for poor-quality products or services – get real facts about improving vaginal health and receive expert advice from our specialists! For further information, please contact us today!

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